Limited Liability Company «Volgo-Baltic Logistic» – is a dynamic enterprise which confidently retains the strong business position in a challenging economy and focuses on key projects of the transport sector.

Our main business is the logistic organization of cargo transportation.

Versatile fleet of the company and wealth of experience allow the company to take up the implementation of the biggest projects and confirm the reputation of a successful player of the transport sector.

Development strategy of VBL especially emphasizes such promising direction as transportation of non-standard, oversized and heavy cargo and also oil products, in order to meet the growing demand for these services from the oil and gas industry.

негабаритные перевозки

VBL expands its commercial activities from traditional (all ports of Europe, Mediterranean, Black, Caspian and White Seas and inland waterways of the western part of the Russian Federation) to such distant areas as ports of Barents, Pechora (Naryan-Mar) and Kara Seas Yamal (Kharasavey), as well as the most part of the basin of the river Ob where over the last few years there has been accumulated rich experience in delivery of supplies to the regions of the north and the formation of oil and gas infrastructure.

The fleets of our partners best suited to work in the area of the northern shelf. Particularly, in this region, in addition to the demand for self-propelled dry cargo and tanker vessels is constantly increasing demand for shallow-draft barge-tug combination, well-established in the delivery of various sized and heavy elements in areas inaccessible to ships from excessive draft.

Drawing on extensive experience in the field of freight transportation the company is ready to carry out any project, from the development of the feasibility study and the provision of expert opinion to the direct implementation of transportation, both water and combined with the involvement of land transport modes.

System Quality Management verified by Certification Association “Russian Register” and found to comply with the ISO 9001:2008 and STO Gazprom 9001-2006 in respect of the transportation of goods by water, brokering sea and river transport, the development of logistics for transportation by sea and by river that is confirmed by the corresponding certificates.