«Volgo-Baltic Logistic» is an affiliated undertaking of the biggest company in the Russian water transport system J.S. “North Western Shipping Company” .  The company has 95 ships of “sea-river” class and a large number of barge-tug combinations. Volga-Baltic Logistic is the largest carrier of project cargo by water transport in the Russian Federation.

The main activities of VBL:

  • Organization of multimodal transportation of oversized and heavy cargo;
  • Towing operations of any complexity on the river and the sea;
  • International transportations and transportations of bulk and general cargo by inland waterways;
  • Brokerage services;
  • Agent services as Jumbo Shipping’s commercial agent in Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States.
О Компании Волго-Балтик Логистик

High quality of services of Volga-Baltic Logistic provided by such factors as:

  • Managing its own fleet and the possibility of  building new vessels to the requirements of the customer;
  • Transportation technology that allows to transport large volumes of goods from inland ports directly to European consumers without transshipment in estuarine and marine ports, which significantly increases the volume exported from the inland ports of Russia and cargo shippers reduce transportation costs;
  • The large number of ships flying the Russian flag and years of experience to ensure the highest level of responsibility and quality;
  • Integrated logistics solutions, which include the full range of services from feasibility study and technical requirements for the carriage to directly transportation, unloading and “door to door” delivery;
  • Cooperates with the largest Russian and Western shipping, insurance and engineering companies.