Our Fleet

The complete fleet conforms with the latest requirements of IMO instruments. Vessels can operate bith in sea areas and on the inland water ways, their dimensions and drafts allow them to transport cargo throughout the Russian river system and other European countries.

We manage our own sea-river going fleet as well as numerous barges and tugs specialized in
transportation of project cargoes (including flat top sea-river barges with a length of 102 meters which is unique for Russia).

Vessels «Rusich», «Valaday», «Amethyst», «Sormovskiy», «Omskiy», «ST», «Sibirskiy», “Neva-Leader”, «Volzhskiy» are the basis of our Company fleet.


The large number of ships under Russian flag and years of experience to ensure the highest level of responsibility and quality.

Transportation technology that allows to transport large volumes of goods from inland ports directly to European consumers without transshipment in estuarine and marine ports, which significantly increases the volume of imported cargoes from the inland ports of Russia and reduce shipper’s transportation costs.