• Deliveries of a wide range of bulk and general cargoes, metals, building materials, fertilizers, grain crops, containers, as well as other unique cargoes with sizes from 1000 up 5500 tonnes within the inter-European short sea shipping segment and the Russia water way system;
  • Organization of  multimodal transportation of oversized and heavy cargo;
  • Forwarding services;
  • Transportation of cargoes to areas of the Extreme North.

Услуги Волго-Балтик ЛОгистик

The complete fleet conforms with the latest requirements of IMO instruments. Vessels can operate bith in sea areas and on the inland water ways, their dimensions and drafts allow them to transport cargo throughout the Russian river system and other European countries.

All transportation is carried out according to the strict requirements of international and national documents, International Conventions for the Safety of Life at Sea, solid bulk cargoes, grain, timber and general cargoes Codes, IMDG, Code, etc, as well as the relevant national regulations and rules related to safe transportation of cargoes.