Multimodal transportation of over-sized and heavy-lift cargoes. Any complex towages at river and sea.

Working in the market of transportation of project and over-sized cargos during the last seven years, VBL has gained huge experience and knowledge in the field of transportation of such cargoes. «Volgo-Baltic Logistic» provides a full range of additional services, included in the complex «door-to-door» delivery.


As far as possible using the facilities of water transport which are limited only by individual characteristics of shipping on inland waterways «Volgo-Baltic Logistic» transports cargoes both on main rivers and side reducing the problems of over-sized equipment delivery where there exists suitable transportation by the water ways.

Managing of our own sea-river going fleet as well as numerous barges and tugs (including unique for Russia flat top sea barge with a length of 102 meters) specialized in project transportation we could carry out shipment (towage) of over-sized cargoes with minimum expenses both from the equipment’s manufacturers located in Asia, North America and Europe, and Russian manufacturers, most of which are situated in the immediate proximity to the inner waterways.

The shallow draft fleet of the company allows transporting over-sized equipment through the Northern Sea Route with delivery of cargoes to the river ports of Ob river, Irtysh river, Yenisei river and others.

In case of specific necessity for some unique over-size cargo transportation or carrying out of other specific tasks on the river or on the sea, vessels or other floating objects could be built in shipyards belonging to the Holding.