Transportation of cargoes to the Russian Extreme North areas

The strategy of the transportation of cargoes to areas of the Extreme North are handled by «Volgo-Baltic Logistic» during the summer navigation season with «sea-river going» vessels to guarantee the connection between ports situated on Russia’s United Deep System with areas of the Extreme North, excluding cargo transshipment from river vessels to sea vessels and to improve the efficiency of such transportation.

By taking advantage of our services you are getting the opportunity to transport cargoes on vessels with bigger tonnage, while ensuring the optimization and efficiency of loading/unloading operations which is especially important against a background of existing shortage of berths and unloading equipment in locations in the Extreme North.

Delivery of bulk and general cargoes to the Yamal Peninsula and other ports of the Extreme North on the Northern Sea Route for our customers at the heart of which are mainly oil and gas companies. We deliver cargoes not only efficiently and on time but also to completely meet the highest requirements of vessels operating in the inclement climatic conditions of the Arctic.