International freight deliveries and inner waterways transportation of general and bulk cargoes.

VBL is ready to offer you:

  • Deliveries of a wide range of bulk and general cargoes, metals, building materials, fertilizers, grain crops, containers, as well as other unique cargoes with sizes from 1000 up 5000 tons within the inter-European short sea shipping segment and the Russia water way system;
  • Transportation of cargoes to the Russian Extreme North areas;
  • Forwarding services;
  • Customs formalities.


Our facilities allow us to organize transportation on a basis of long-term contracts in any necessary volume for the cargo owners by own extensive fleet. Average cargo volume of COA in 200-300 thousand tons which we transport each year for our Customers with a minimum effort could be increased according to the client demand. In case of long-term contracts VBL could build vessels to the Customer’s requirements.

Our specialists will arrange for you the optimum transportation routes both in the European and Asia regions, and will consult with you on the safest method of transportation and packing of cargoes and help you in the organization of trans-shipments in ports.

In order to protect the interests of the cargo owners in most cases the cargo loading/unloading operations are carried out under the supervision of independent surveyors in order to provide the guarantee of quality and safety of the cargo.